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Ladder Cart

Ladder Cart

Ladder Cart provides greater mobility, enhanced access, safe ladder handling and minimal storage requirements.

  • Ladder Management Mid-cart ladder positioning creates stability, security, protects walls and doors from damage. Conveys up to a 1.8 m folding step ladder through standard 201 cm doorway.
  • Manoeuvrability Compact footprint decreases turning radius for easier transport of tools and materials.
  • Security Metal cabinet and lock provide security and safety.
  • Capacity Smarter use of vertical space increases capacity. Holds up to 226.8 kg.
  • Organisation Shallow shelves make it easier to locate parts. 
  • Long Item Storage   Cart can be configured to transport  florescent tubes, ceiling tiles etc.
  • Casters -12.7 cm non-marking casters with brakes allow cart lock-down for safety.
  • 2 swivel casters with brakes and 2 rigid casters.

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Ladder Cart w/ Cabinet
CODE: FG9T5800
Size: 800(H) x 690(W) x 1060(D)
Red and Black
Price of items: