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TROAX Stainless Steel Modular Fencing

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TROAX Stainless Steel Modular Fencing

TROAX Stainless Steel Modular Fencing

NTF Aalborg by TROAX is a hygienic modular system in stainless steel,
designed to combine hygiene and safety suitable for the food and
pharmaceutical industry.  Based on open profiles and a welded net without horizontal surfaces it ensures effective and hygienic cleaning.

Today's modern industry with advanced processes places significant
demands on safety. Troax own R&D department have tested this system
and it is proved to withstand an impact of 309 joules. The system complies
with EN ISO14120/13857 and fulfills the requirements in Annex of the
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Custom sizes can be made contact us with your requirements

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